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Here’s 18 of the queerest creators who raised us

Lauren southern

Protesters gathered outside the Brisbane Convention Centre on Sunday night to rally against far right YouTube personality Lauren Southern. The Canadian 23-year-old and colleague, far-right commentator Stefan Molyneux, are currently on a “speaking tour” of Australian capital cities, during which they’ve expressed extreme views opposing immigration, multiculturalism, feminism, transgender people and Islam. Southern has said …

Ding Dong Im Gay

A new Aussie web series titled Ding Dong I’m Gay has been launched on YouTube. Created by and starring Tim Spencer, the series follows overachiever Cameron, who since moving to Sydney ten years ago has realised his hopes and dreams of party invitations and square-jawed boyfriends have flatlined. But when his hopelessly naive country cousin …

YouTube fixes filtering issue LGBTI

YouTube changed its shady “Restricted Mode” after complaints LGBTI-related videos cannot be found in search. LGBTI communities praised YouTube following the fix to the unfair filtering. Last month, YouTube came under fire for blocking LGBTI-related videos in Restricted Mode. YouTube said the feature helped children and families screen out content not of interest to them. …

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