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Margaret Court—consulate set up for anti-gay African regime 

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margaret court and burundi flag

Infamous homophobe Margaret Court is making headlines again today after her church set up a consulate for Burundi — an anti-gay African regime.  The Federal Government approved the consulate despite the African Republic of Burundi’s homophobic reputation. Now, you can find the honorary WA office listed on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. …

starbucks commercial showing trans boy

A Starbucks commercial featuring a trans man using his name for the first time has melted internet hearts.  The #whatsyourname ad premiered yesterday and will help raise at least £100,000 for a trans kids charity named Mermaids. The ad centres around James, who becomes visibly disheartened when on several occasions, he is referred to by …

transgender woman detained at airport twitter video

A trans woman has taken to Twitter to open up about her experience being detained at an airport. She was travelling to see her family over the Thanksgiving period when she was stopped and detained by airport personnel. The trans woman, Lilah, tweeted a video of herself walking through the airport in tears. “It’s so …