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A toxic workplace culture is bad for all employees, but can be a particular burden on LGBTIQ employees, already stigmatised by their sexuality or identity, writes RJ Miles. I wish workplace mental health initiatives were more about helping people to understand the psychology of burnout and less about getting people to do yoga. The benefits …

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Whether it’s an eggplant, peach or even a love heart, emojis are supposed to be a fun way to communicate and even flirt. But workers are warned against sending suggestive emojis to colleagues. It could cost their job and leave them defending a sexual harassment claim. Emojis include suggestive objects like eggplants and peaches, which …

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LGBTIQ Australians have been invited to share their views and experiences of sexual harassment at work in a new survey that will inform a national inquiry into the issue. The survey was started by the LGBTIQ Legal Service, part of the St Kilda Legal Service in Victoria, and survey responses will form the Centre’s submission …

Coming Out

The vast majority of LGBTIQ Australians are not comfortable coming out to their work colleagues. The Out at Work: from Prejudice to Pride report released last week suggests 25 per cent of employees were out to some people and almost 40 per cent were out to most people at work. The joint Royal Melbourne Institute …

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Meet The Tradettes When you think you need a plumber how instinctive is it to think you’ll be calling on a man or a female plumber Short shorts and tool belt in tow ready to get in and do the dirty work on your kitchen sink or bathroom, it’s generally our first thought when it …