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Same-Sex Attracted Women Avoiding Treatment For Alcohol Problems: Study

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gender inequality

By Michelle Brady, University of Queensland and Belinda Hewitt, University of Melbourne One year ago, Australians were asked “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?”. The answer was a resounding “yes” – more than 60% of those who expressed a view backed marriage equality. The anniversary of this historic moment offers …

transphobic sticker

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has vowed to remove anti-transgender stickers which have been plastered throughout the city. Dozens of the pink stickers – with the words “Women don’t have penises” have been placed on Anthony Gormley’s famous cast iron sculptures. The group behind the stunt, Liverpool ReSisters, is unhappy about the right of transgender people …

same-sex attracted women

Same-sex attracted women have higher alcohol and mental health problem rates than heterosexual women but many do not access treatment, a new Australian study has found. The University of Melbourne-led study of 521 same-sex attracted women found that 70 per cent of those aged 18-25 reported problematic alcohol use that exceeded national guidelines, but only …