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Warwick Rowers nude calendar

The Warwick Rowers Are Launching Their First Australian Calendar

The Warwick Rowers are looking for local talent for an Aussie version of their popular fundraising calendar.

Warwick Rowers nude calendar

Russia NOT Happy About Rowers’ Nude Calendar

Russia recently banned the Warwick Rowers’ annual nude calendar. The group suspects their pro-gay stance may violates the country’s homophobic ‘gay propaganda’ law. The rowing team at Warwick University in the UK began shooting the nude calendars in 2009. At first, the calendars raised funds for the team. As the calendar grew in popularity, the …

warwick rowers

Warwick Rowers strip down for newest charity calendar

It’s October already which inevitably means things are heating up. Because in October each year, the boys from Warwick University rowing team strip down to promote their annual fundraising calendar. The rowing team from Warwick University stripped off and produced their very first nude calendar in 2009. They made that first calendar as a way …

Warwick Rowers nude male nude calendar

WATCH: Warwick Rowers New Nude Male Calendar

The British Warwick Rowers recently posted a trailer for their newest nude male fundraising calendar. The multi-award-winning team produced their very first nude calendar in 2009. Then, it raised money for their team. Afterward the team dedicated the proceeds of the calendar to fundraising against homophobia and bullying. Since then, the annual calendar achieved global …

Warwick Rowers Striptease Nude Male

WATCH: Warwick Rowers Nude Male Striptease

The hunky Warwick Rowers have shared a nude male striptease video with their social media followers. In the video, the boys from the University of Warwick’s rowing team strip off to Tom Jones’ ‘Leave Your Hat On’. They shot the vid while on a break from shooting their annual nude male fundraising calendar for 2017. …

hottest men warwick rowers naked calendar

Warwick Rowers naked calendar to fight homophobia

When the Warwick Rowers decided to do a naked calendar, they attracted a lot of interest from gay men. And they loved it! In fact, the boys on the team decided to create and fund their own anti-homophobia program. They called the program Sport Allies.  They dedicated the organisation to standing up against homophobia in …