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Warrior Nun: Cancelled sapphic series to return as film trilogy

After a fan-led campaign saved Warrior Nun from cancellation, it has now been revealed that the series will return in the form of a film trilogy. Warrior Nun follows a group of nuns who train teenage girls to fight demons. The show grew a legion of dedicated fans, largely fuelled by a slow-burn sapphic romance …

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Tireless fan-led campaign saves Warrior Nun

After a shock cancellation and tireless fan-led campaign, the Warrior Nun showrunner has confirmed the sapphic fantasy show will return.  Based on the comic by Ben Dunne, Warrior Nun follows a young woman resurrected from the dead and imbued with superpowers by the halo of an angel to battle the forces of evil. The series featured a …

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Cryptic tweet sparks ‘Warrior Nun’ renewal rumours

A cryptic tweet from the series producer of beloved queer show Warrior Nun has sparked hope for thousands of fans.  The Netflix series based on the comic by Ben Dunne followed a young woman resurrected from the dead and imbued with superpowers. A wlw relationship central to the storyline earned Warrior Nun a legion of queer …

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#SaveWarriorNun trends in Australia after Netflix axes queer series

LGBTQIA+ fan’s most beloved 2022 series, Warrior Nun, got the boot this week and Twitter is not happy. After only two seasons, Netflix has announced that the live-action series based on the comic by Ben Dunne will not be getting renewed for a third season. The first season of the series follows a young woman …