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Catholic Church

The Catholic Church will take an historic step towards embracing the LGBTIQ community at the World Meeting of Families in Dublin later this month. Father James Martin (pictured) will speak about welcoming LGBTIQ people and their families into their parishes, a topic he says was proposed by the Vatican. Pope Francis will attend the final …

Pope Francis

A gay victim of clerical sexual abuse has claimed he received a moving message of support for his identity from Pope Francis. Chilean man Juan Carlos Cruz met with the leader of the Catholic Church to discuss the abuse he suffered at the hands of Father Fernando Karadima, a Chilean Catholic priest found guilty by …

Catholic Priest

A gay Italian escort has reportedly written a 1200-page dossier outing 40 Catholic priests as “actively gay” in a bid to expose their religious hypocrisy. Mangiacapra told local outlet Catania Today, as translated by the Daily Mail, that all he wants is for the priests to “stop preaching hatred towards gays” and says he wrote …