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Pride London

A group of activists have been slammed for disrupting the Pride in London parade on Saturday with a protest against transgender women. At the parade a group of eight protesters held up signs with anti-trans messages including “lesbian not queer” and “trans activism erases lesbians.” The group briefly lay on the ground to physically block …

Jewish school

A state-funded Jewish school has admitted censoring a history textbook to remove references to homosexuality and gay people. Educators at Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls’ school in north-east London used a permanent marker to black out the word “homosexuals” several times in a history book’s section on Nazi persecution. The chapter now tells the students, “They …

homophobic attack Sydney

More than 40 percent of transgender people in the UK experienced a hate crime or transphobic incident in the last 12 months, according to LGBTIQ charity Stonewall. A study by YouGov surveyed over 800 UK trans and non-binary people in England, Wales and Scotland has revealed the shocking extent of discrimination faced by transgender people. …