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BBC’s New LGBT Correspondent ‘Shocked’ By Torrent Of Homophobic Abuse

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alan turing law

Thousands of gay and bisexual men found guilty of now-abolished sexual offences in the United Kingdom have received posthumous pardons. The men received the pardons under the new ‘Alan Turing Law’. People who died earlier will receive automatic pardons. 15,000 living men convicted of gay sexual acts before the decriminalisation of homosexuality  in England and …

alan turing law

Thousands of gay and bisexual men convicted of antiquated sex offences in the United Kingdom will be eligible for a pardon under the new ‘Turing Law’. Deceased men convicted under the now-abolished homosexual offences will automatically receive posthumous pardons. British Liberal Democratic politician Lord John Sharkey campaigned for four years to change the laws. “In …

trafalger square Lights gay pride Makeover

Around 50 of London’s Trafalgar Square traffic lights recently received a Gay Pride makeover with same-sex couples replacing the standard green walk signal.  The city replaced the familiar green walking symbol with either green LGBT symbols or a design featuring a same-sex couple holding hands. Transport for London installed the signals on June 19. The …

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