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Police in Turkey break up pride parade with tear gas and rubber bullets

Police in Turkey broke up a banned Istanbul Pride parade with tear gas and rubber bullets, and arrested at least 20 people. For the last seven years, authorities have banned the parade from going ahead. However with the exception of last year, protesters have gathered anyway despite the threat of police crackdown. On Saturday (June …

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Europe’s 10 best and 10 worst countries for LGBTIQ people revealed

Advocacy group ILGA-Europe has ranked the most and least LGBTIQ-friendly countries in Europe in its annual Rainbow Europe Country Ranking. The yearly list, backed by the European Union, ranks 49 European countries from most to least LGBTQ-friendly. Each country’s ranking is based on how the laws and policies of each country affect the lives of …

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Moroccan trans influencer urges followers to out gays

A Moroccan trans influencer last week urged her 627,000 followers to track down and out homosexuals. Although Moroccan,  Sofia Talouni lives in Turkey where she has a make-up business. In Instagram Live videos last week, Talouni told her followers how to identify gay men in her home country. Homosexuality remains illegal in Morocco and gays …

Refugees Canada

Gay Refugees Finally Settle Into A Loving Home In Canada

It’s been a long, daunting journey but love has finally prevailed. Alireza, who is from Iran, and his partner Kiran, who is from India, arrived in Canada last week, greeted at the airport by members of the Vancouver Rainbow Refugee group who sponsored them. The couple were forced to flee their home countries so they …

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Turkey Is Boycotting Eurovision Because Of The Contest’s LGBTIQ Performers

Turkey’s boycott of the Eurovision Song Contest will reportedly continue next year because of the competition’s inclusion of LGBTIQ performers. The country has not participated since 2012, and Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) boss Ibrahim Eren said the country was unlikely to compete in 2019. “As a public broadcaster we cannot broadcast live at 9pm, …