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Trans People Adopt Lobster Emoji

Transgender advocates frustrated by the lack of a blue, white and pink trans flag emoji have claimed the new lobster emoji as their own. A group named Lobsters Against Transphobia launched an online petition earlier this month to call for the creation of a transgender flag emoji by Unicode, the company behind the emojis used …

Scarlett johansson

Actress Scarlett Johansson has faced a backlash for her role as crime kingpin and massage parlor owner Dante “Tex” Gill in upcoming drama Rub & Tug. The film will follow Gill’s successful chain of massage parlors that were fronts for sex work and his encounters with the mob in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the 1970s and …


Bridget Clinch former army Captain running for the seat of Brisbane ARMY EXPERIENCE SERVES CLINCH WELL IN BATTLE FOR BRISBANE SEAT skate through at the end and claim the gold medal in the seat of Brisbane at Saturday’s federal election. Clinch, a former Army captain with 11 years of service and combat, was the first …

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For many, “coming out” to family and friends is a stressful experience. As if once is not enough, spare a thought for Tina Healy who has to come out to her mother every couple of weeks. Tina, 54, is transgender and feared that revealing herself as a woman might be too stressful for her mother, …

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Listen to the courage of young Brendan Jordan who is interviewed in this short video below. A part of DaveWavey TV. Click the image below to watch or CLICK HERE

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