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Former prime minister Tony Abbott

Activist group GetUp has urged a group of volunteers to help them win “a parliament free of homophobes” in a new election message targeting Liberal MPs including Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton. GetUp sent text messages on Wednesday night to volunteers who took part in the group’s campaign to call voters and advocate a “yes” …

Former prime minister Tony Abbott

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been criticised for trying to claim credit for the legalisation of same-sex marriage, despite campaigning against it for years. “When all is said and done, I helped to make the thing happen,” the former prime minister said in a new interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. “I set up …


Prominent “no” campaigner and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott is reportedly set to address a US organisation that has been condemned for its extreme, anti-LGBTI views. Abbott will speak to the conservative Christian group Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) about his opposition to marriage equality later this month, Fairfax Media reported. According to the Human Rights …