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Tasha Williams Rose Rollins L Word: Generation Q

‘L Word: Generation Q’ brings another character back for the reboot

L Word: Generation Q is continuing the trend of bringing back beloved characters, with Rose Rollins reprising her role as Tasha Williams. It follows The L Word revival bringing back Daniel Sea as trailblazing trans character Max, closely followed by Erin Daniels bringing Dana Fairbanks back to life. READ MORE: The L Word: Generation Q …

Erin Daniels Dana Fairbanks L Word

Erin Daniels brings Dana back for ‘L Word: Generation Q’

For fans of the original L Word, the death of Dana Fairbanks in season three still stings. In the latest episode of the reboot, fans got a glimpse at what her life with Alice could have looked like.  In the most recent episode, The L Word’s first musical episode provided the perfect opportunity to bring …

L Word: Generation Q Musical

The L Word: Generation Q cast sing and dance in musical episode

In a creative decision that truly could go either way, The L Word: Generation Q will be doing a musical episode.  The sixth episode of season three sees the characters go on a musical journey through their trauma after taking ayahuasca at a retreat. In an interview with Out, L Word: Generation Q showrunner Marja-Lewis …

Jennifer Beals Bette Porter L Word

Jennifer Beals is “stepping back” from ‘L Word: Generation Q’

The L Word stalwart Jennifer Beals has announced that she will be “stepping back” as a main cast member. Beals starred in all six seasons of the original L Word from 2004 to 2009 in the iconic role of ambitious art gallery director Bette Porter. Alongside costars Leisha Haley (Alice) and Katherine Moennig (Shane), she …

L Word: Generation Q Season 3

Watch the trailer for season three of The L Word: Generation Q

The official trailer for season three of The L Word: Generation Q has been released. Based on the iconic 2000s series The L Word, The L Word: Generation Q saw the return of favourite characters and a host of new faces in its reimagined series. Set over 10 years after the events of The L Word, the series features …