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Billie Jean King action figure

Toy company FCTRY recently announced the Billie Jean King Action Figure. Tennis player Billie Jean is a 12-time Grand Slam singles champion. The Billie Jean King Leadership Initiative, established by Billie Jean and partner Ilana Kloss, receives a dollar from every sale. The initiative promotes inclusion in the workplace and female leadership. One of the …


Following a major serve from tennis legend Serena Williams, American player Tennys Sandgren has apologised for a gay club tweet he wrote in 2012. “Stumbled into a gay club last night … my eyes are still bleeding #nooneshouldseethat,” he wrote at the time. The apology came after Williams called on Sandgren to apologise for discriminatory …

Margaret Court

Australian tennis champion Margaret Court has remained defiant in her opposition to marriage equality. The 24-time Grand Slam winner, who is now a pastor in Perth, told the Herald Sun that same-sex marriage was a “trend” and Australia “will pay” for its decision to legalise it in December. “I think there will be a price …