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Church installs altarpiece: Adam & Steve and Madam & Eve

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adam & steve madam & eve

On Monday, St Paul’s Church in Malm√∂ Sweden unveiled its new altarpiece. The painting is by lesbian Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin and entitled Paradise. It portrays the Garden of Eden. However, rather than Adam and Eve, it shows a male and a female couple with a transgender person playing the role of the snake. We like …

gay christian iranian Mehdi Shokr Khoda iran

The Swedish Migration Board yesterday ordered a gay Christian Iranian teenager to leave Sweden. Despite the well documented persecution of both Christians and gays in Iran, the board rejected 19-year-old Mehdi Shokr Khoda’s application for asylum. Mehdi Shokr Khoda and Christianity Mehdi fled Iran in 2017. He converted to Christianity in Stockholm and subsequently underwent …