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WA Government Announces Review Of Surrogacy Laws

WA surrogacy laws may soon allow same-sex couples to have children using surrogates following the announcement of a review into the state’s reproductive technology laws. WA Health Minister Roger Cook said the state’s laws were “out of step” with other Australian jurisdictions. “These laws are outdated in parts and are arguably not meeting current needs …

altruistic surrogacy

SA Rainbow Families get access to IVF & Surrogacy

The South Australian Parliament has passed a law allowing equal access to assisted reproductive technology and altruistic surrogacy for same-sex couples. “[The law] will come into operation in the coming months, and will mean same-sex couples will be able to create loving, nurturing families without having to leave the state to do so,” South Australian …

surrogate mother gay qld dads

Gay Qld dads stuck in legal limbo with toddler

Unsuccessful attempts to obtain an Australian passport for their son born to a surrogate mother leave two gay Qld dads stuck in Canada. Kyle and Kent Stewart married in Canada and became dads last year when they welcomed baby Kaden. One of the men is Kaden’s biological father. Canadian law recognises both gay Qld dads …

Why More Gay Couples Are Embracing Surrogacy - The Everingham Family

Why more gay couples are embracing surrogacy

Sam Everingham writes from personal experience about why more gay couples are embracing surrogacy. When we moved house nearly four years ago, we soon met the other gay couple in the street. They had brought up two boys in a ‘merged home’ – ex-wife, husband-turned gay and gay partner all under the same roof. For …

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