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Dominos Pizza Rip Off Workers

Domino’s rip off workers while CEO gets $36.8 million

An audit of Domino’s takeaway pizza outlets by the Fair Work Ombudsman found that just four of 33 targeted outlets were doing the right thing when it came to paying staff and keeping proper records. Despite so many stores paying less than proper wages and entitlements, boss Don Meij receives an annual salary of $36.8 …

Miles Heffernan Director of Litigation

Queensland Farmhand Wins $30,000 Compensation After Sexual Harassment

A young farmhand has won $30,000 compensation after being subjected to persistent sexual harassment while working on a north-Queensland property. During the two years he worked on the farm, Nick* suffered constant taunts about his perceived sexuality, with his workmates referring to him as “gay”, “faggot” and “poofter”. Graffiti was written on furniture, equipment, and …