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Stonewall Riots 50th Anniversary

Editorial: Stonewall Riots 50th Anniversary matters

Fifty years ago today, the modern LGBTIQ rights movement began after LGBTIQ rioters fought back against a police raid on an illegal Mafia bar called the Stonewall Inn. Out of that grew the gay liberation movement which gave birth to our modern LGBTIQ communities. On the Stonewall Riots 50th Anniversary, we look back on how …

stonewall riots 50th anniversary equality tasmania

Commemorating Stonewall Riot 50th Anniversary in Hobart

Equality Tasmania plan a commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City for Hobart Friday evening. The Stonewall Riots saw patrons of the Stonewall gay bar fight back against repeated police raids on the LGBTI venue. Many now recognise the riots as the beginning of the modern LGBTI rights movement. …

Gay Rights Movement Mourns

Gay Rights Movement Mourns Loss Of A Hero

Dick Leitsch, a founding father of the gay rights movement, has died in New York. He was 83. Leitsch became an icon of the LGBTQ movement after leading protests that pre-dated the Stonewall Inn uprising. Born on May 11, 1935, Leitsch went on to lead the the New York City chapter of the Mattachine Society, …