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I thought I’d write an update on what’s going around in the world of sexually transmitted stuff in Brisbane. And I mean literally going around. I’ve got one word for you – syphilis. These last couple of weeks has been a syphilis convention in Brisbane, and I’ve been jabbing people with penicillin left, right and …


Gay and bisexual men who use drugs while having sex are more likely to be diagnosed with HIV, hepatitis C and other STIs, a new study has found. The study, published in the medical journal HIV Medicine, reviewed information from 1,840 gay and bisexual men who used two sexual health clinics in London between 2014 …


Welcome to Ask DocQ. The Doc has returned for 2018. However, in addition to her regular health updates, Dr Fiona Bisshop is just as interested to find out what’s on your mind. Have you made a health resolution that you’re struggling to keep? Or maybe it’s time to ask about that burning sensation you’ve had …