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singapore prime minister nephew Li Huanwu same-sex marriage

Li Huanwu, the nephew of Singapore’s Prime Minister, has tied the knot with his partner in South Africa. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Singapore, and gay sex is still illegal under the country’s Colonial-era Penal Code. Huanwu and his partner Heng Yirui shared the news of their marriage late last week. Yirui shared photos …

HIV antibody

Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) has confirmed that the medical records of over 14,000 HIV-positive people from all over the world have been leaked. The sensitive information was leaked by an authorized person authorities have identified as Mikhy K. Farrera Brochez, an American who was deported from Singapore last year. Information included in the leaked …

singapore adoption laws

The Singaporean government is toughening up its adoption laws, after a landmark high court ruling granted a gay man to adopt his son who was conceived through surrogacy. Lawmakers in the conservative city state have said that they will review changes to the legislation to better reflects the country’s public policy. “The welfare of the …

Indonesian Trans Women

Nearly half of the world’s countries do not allow LGBTIQ groups to organize, with many facing the threat of arrests or state-sanctioned violence, a new report has found. Just 56 per cent of countries – 109 countries out of 194 – freely allow such groups, according to analysis by advocacy group OutRight Action International published …