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New Indonesian sex law a threat to Bali tourists

Indonesia is expected to pass a strict new criminal code during the next two weeks. The code includes a jail sentence of up to a year for sex outside of marriage, presenting a clear threat to tourists holidaying in Bali. The new law will apply to both Indonesians and visitors. Homosexuality is currently only illegal …

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Sources report Taliban already executing LGBTIQ+ Afghans

As the Taliban complete their takeover of Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul, German sources in the capital report the religious extremists have begun executing ‘collaborators and homosexuals’. LGBTIQ+ Afghans, already subjected to relentless persecution, can only wait in fear, knowing even worse is to come. As one commentator tweeted, “The horror show has begun.” …

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Brunei’s first ‘gay’ crime since introduction of Sharia law

A Magistrate’s Court hearing on Sunday indicted a man charged with Brunei’s first ‘gay’ crime since the 2019 introduction of Sharia law. The court remanded the man for further investigation. Brunei’s implementation of Sharia law in regard to sexual ‘crimes’ threatened punishments including the death penalty for gay sex. The autocratic Sultan of Brunei later …

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Muslim cleric who helped draft Aceh’s caning laws, caned

Indonesian Muslim cleric¬†Mukhlis bin Muhammad received 28 strokes of the cane under religious laws he helped draft. The religious leader served on the Ulema Council, an advisory board that local authorities consult on their barbaric religious laws. Aceh province is the only province in Indonesia to use caning as a punishment. Officials caught Mukhlis in …

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Two Gay Men Publicly Caned In Indonesia’s Aceh Province

Two men accused of having gay sex have been publicly caned 87 times each in the Indonesian province of Aceh. On Friday, Aceh officials staged the public canings of the two men and 13 others in front of a crowd of 300 people who jeered during both of their punishments, CNN reported. Aceh is the …