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sexually suggestive emojis

Whether it’s an eggplant, peach or even a love heart, emojis are supposed to be a fun way to communicate and even flirt. But workers are warned against sending suggestive emojis to colleagues. It could cost their job and leave them defending a sexual harassment claim. Emojis include suggestive objects like eggplants and peaches, which …

workplace sexual harassment

LGBTIQ Australians have been invited to share their views and experiences of sexual harassment at work in a new survey that will inform a national inquiry into the issue. The survey was started by the LGBTIQ Legal Service, part of the St Kilda Legal Service in Victoria, and survey responses will form the Centre’s submission …

San Fransisco Police Officer

A San Francisco police officer has alleged he was repeatedly harassed by his superiors because he is gay, and says the bullying got worse after he reported it. Brendan Mannix has accused colleagues of frequently making comments about his sexual orientation, including calling him a “queen,” “too dramatic,” and insulting his masculinity, according to Mannix’s …