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Nita Green Senate 2019 election

While we wait for the 2019 federal election results, we can confidently predict one outcome. Another member of the LGBTIQ communities will enter the Australian Senate. Queensland’s Nita Green becomes Senator Nita Green. Nita heads Labor’s Senate ticket in Queensland. That makes her win a certainty for election with Labor expected to pick up at …

Sophie York

Anti-gay marriage proponent Sophie York will lead Australian Conservatives leader Cory Bernardi’s New South Wales Senate ticket. York was the face of the Marriage Alliance, one of the key lobby groups that argued against the rights of LGBTIQ people during the same-sex marriage debate. In the lead-up to the postal survey to potentially change the …


“There is nothing wrong with you.” That’s the moving message Attorney-General George Brandis sent to young gay Australians today in a heartfelt speech supporting same-sex marriage in the Senate. Brandis said the passage of the bill will “demolish the last significant bastion of legal discrimination against people on the grounds of their sexuality”. “At last, …