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Bill Shorten Scott Morrison Composite photo

LGBTIQ advocates have said the Coalition’s proposed amendments to protect LGBT students from discrimination in religious schools could make things worse, as action on the issue is delayed until the new year due to political deadlock. Prime Minister Scott Morrison proposed a conscience vote on Wednesday – the second last sitting day of parliament for …

Scott Morrison religious freedom gay student Anti-Discrimination Laws

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been urged to meet meet transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians and their families after describing transgender law reform as “ridiculous”. On Tuesday night, nine historic changes aiming to remove discrimination against transgender and intersex people in the state’s Births, Deaths and Marriage Act passed the state’s Lower House, including …

Janet Rice and Scott Morrison

The Greens have demanded the federal government release the Ruddock religious freedom review panel’s long-awaited report. The religious freedom review, headed by Philip Ruddock, was announced last year to placate conservatives following the passage of same-sex marriage legislation in December. The review panel handed its report to the federal government on May 18 but it …

Scott Morrison religious freedom gay student Anti-Discrimination Laws

LGBTIQ advocates have said they will lobby the Senate to block any move by the federal government to weaken existing anti-discrimination protections under the guise of “religious freedom”. On Saturday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated his support for introducing laws to “protect religious freedom” in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald. Morrison said a …