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Two youths marching in a pride parade with a rainbow flag and a 'born this way' banner

By David Rhodes, Edith Cowan University There is currently no consistent standard of sex, sexuality, gender and respectful relationships education across Australian schools. Each state and territory makes decisions about what they teach in schools. Additionally, religious schools have exemptions under anti-discrimination laws to decide how they approach these issues, and whether they include them …

Scott Morrison

LGBTIQ rights advocates have urged Prime Minister Scott Morrison to meet with transgender and gender diverse Australians after he wrote a harmful tweet condemning support for trans students in schools. Morrison was responding to a news story by the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday which said “gender whisperer” teachers were being taught by experts “to spot …

Jacqueline Ullman

Workplace discrimination against LGBTIQ teachers in New South Wales is relatively widespread and taking a toll on their psychological wellbeing, according to new research. Of the just-over 1000 LGBTIQ teachers who participated in the study conducted by Western Sydney University and the NSW Teachers Federation trade union, 42 per cent of them reported experiences of …