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Stealthing nonconsensual consom removal

Stealthing: ACT criminalises nonconsenual condom removal

The ACT yesterday criminalised stealthing – the nonconsensual removal of a condom during sex. The passage of the legislation makes the ACT the first Australian jurisdiction to explicitly outlaw nonconsensual condom removal during sex. 1 in 5 MSM stealthed A 2018 Monash University survey of patients who attended Melbourne Sexual Health Centre found one in …


Moist? Doc Q recommends lube anyway: wetter is better

No matter how you like to play, squirting some lube on during sex is always a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, when things are heating up our bodies are designed to make things a little moister. But this shouldn’t stop you from reaching into that top draw for that bottle of sweet sweet lube. …

glory holelujah safe sex and covid-19

Glory Holelujah: NYC Safe Sex and COVID-19 guidance

The New York City Health Department which offered refreshingly frank safe sex and COVID-19 advice about three months ago, this month updated the advice. Glory Holelujah! Among the advice, the NYC Health recommends glory holes, masturbation, both solo and with a partner at distance and face masks but definitely no orgies. NYC Health begins by …

safest sex partner nyc health

NYC Health safe sex advice: You are your safest sex partner

NYC Health this week posted unusually straight forward and graphic safe sex advice for New Yorkers concerning COVID-19. The advice included, “You are your safest sex partner.” Dr Wendell Rosevear of Brisbane’s Stonewall Medical Centre described the recommendations as ‘sensible and no-nonsense’. Wendell said that in Brisbane all the LGBT clinics continue to see patients …

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Uh oh! Scientists warn COVID-19 could be spread by rimming

Scientists in China have warned eating out bums may contribute to the spread of coronavirus.  The news might be disappointing to some, who have shown initiative and self-isolated. What ever will they do cooped up with their partners now? But in all seriousness, scientists have cautioned the public to be careful coming into contact with …