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LGBTIQ People Share Their Stories At Kevin Andrews’ Anti-Safe Schools Event

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Catherine McGregor

Former military officer and high-profile trans advocate Catherine McGregor has apologised and said she was “wrong” to oppose the Safe Schools anti-bullying program in 2016. Catherine McGregor wrote in the Sydney Morning Herald that she put her change of mind down to working with a young transgender man, Charles O’Grady, on a theatre production based …

One of the organisers behind a controversial letter calling for an alternative to the Safe Schools program has withdrawn the campaign and apologised to the LGBTI community. The letter and accompanying petition, unveiled on Tuesday and apparently signed by local celebrities including Troye Sivan, Joel Creasey, Missy Higgins and Guy Pearce, called on the federal …

Josh Manuatu

A gay teenager accuses a staffer for Senator Eric Abetz of using his personal Facebook page to publicly humiliate him. Josh Manuatu also used an image of the minor beside a message originally sent to him in a private forum. Joshua, 17, took issue with Manuatu after he went for the jugular of the “PC …

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