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LGBTQ Ambassador Elisabeth Borne

France to appoint LGBTQ Ambassador to the world

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced Thursday that France would appoint an ambassador for LGBTQ rights. The government would charge the new LGBTQ Ambassador with advocating for the universal decriminalization of homosexuality and trans identity. The Prime Minister made the announcement on the 40th anniversary of France’s decriminalization of homosexuality. She said the government will …

Fair Work inspectors recently raided bars regarding wage theft

Wage Theft: Bars raided for suspected underpayments

Fair Work inspectors recently raided bars along Melbourne’s popular Chapel Street after workers complained about alleged wage theft. The bars targeted by the workplace watchdog are all owned by the La La Bar Group. They include Holy Grail, Electric, Wonderland, Jane Do Bar, Lucky Liquor and La La Land. Audits the result of complaints According …

Gay Rights Lawyer

Prominent Gay Rights Lawyer Sets Himself On Fire In Protest Suicide

Prominent gay rights lawyer David S. Buckel died in New York on Saturday after setting himself on fire in a protest against environmental destruction. The charred remains of Buckel, 60, were found in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. Buckel had spent the bulk of his career fighting for gay rights, including serving as the marriage project director …