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Christopher Wayne’s Two Man Tarantino Takes The Cake

Michael James visits the last video store in Australia on its final night of trading. Yes. It’s Two Man Tarantino by Christopher Wayne, creator of The Naked Magicians. Filing into Brisbane Powerhouse’s Visy Theatre, we discover the stage transformed. It’s littered with clearance racks, stacks of long-forgotten discs and harsh branding reminiscent of old-time video …

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REVIEW: Home-Grown ‘Queerstories’ Is Your New Podcast Obssession

The Queerstories podcast is a breath of fresh air in the saturated Australian market of podcast variety. Like its namesake – ABC’s Australian Story – Queerstories provides a platform for voices often unheard to express their life experiences. In doing so, the definition and diversity of community in LGBTIQ terms is explored (or Quiltbag as …