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Research by Sydney’s University of Technology found “no correlation between popper use and mental health or psychological stress.” Researchers surveyed 800 gay and bisexual men between the ages 18 and 35 who use the inhalants. They asked the men about “dependency characteristics, including health, social, legal and financial problems.” The results of the research suggest …

Indonesian Trans Women

Nearly half of the world’s countries do not allow LGBTIQ groups to organize, with many facing the threat of arrests or state-sanctioned violence, a new report has found. Just 56 per cent of countries – 109 countries out of 194 – freely allow such groups, according to analysis by advocacy group OutRight Action International published …

LGBTIQ Discrimination

Forty-six per cent of LGBTIQ people with a disability experienced discrimination, harassment or abuse in the past year, a new report has revealed. The report was written by academics William Leonard and Dr Rosemary Mann, who reviewed national and international research over 18 years to discover the impact that discrimination and social exclusion have on …

Jacqueline Ullman

Workplace discrimination against LGBTIQ teachers in New South Wales is relatively widespread and taking a toll on their psychological wellbeing, according to new research. Of the just-over 1000 LGBTIQ teachers who participated in the study conducted by Western Sydney University and the NSW Teachers Federation trade union, 42 per cent of them reported experiences of …

anti-Gay Prejudice cognitive ability

Less intelligent people are more likely to hold discriminatory attitudes towards same-sex couples, according to a new study by Queensland researchers. The study, led by Dr Francisco Perales at The University of Queensland’s Institute for Social Science Research and published in the journal Intelligence, analysed data from 11,564 Australians to examine possible links between cognitive …

same-sex attracted women

Same-sex attracted women have higher alcohol and mental health problem rates than heterosexual women but many do not access treatment, a new Australian study has found. The University of Melbourne-led study of 521 same-sex attracted women found that 70 per cent of those aged 18-25 reported problematic alcohol use that exceeded national guidelines, but only …