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Refugees Canada

It’s been a long, daunting journey but love has finally prevailed. Alireza, who is from Iran, and his partner Kiran, who is from India, arrived in Canada last week, greeted at the airport by members of the Vancouver Rainbow Refugee group who sponsored them. The couple were forced to flee their home countries so they …

Slain Ugandan LGBTIQ activist David Kato

After reports that Australia has accepted 50 primarily Ugandan LGBTIQ refugees from Kenya under the Refugee Visa (subclass 200) for people fleeing persecution in their home country, QNews Magazine looks at how Uganda came to be such a dangerous country for its LGBTIQ community. Ugandan law criminalises both male and female homosexuality with males risking …

LGBTIQ refugees

The Department of Home Affairs has said a push to make seeking asylum easier for LGBTIQ refugees could lead to “large numbers” of refugees pretending to be gay. The department’s warning was in response to a call from the federal Labor Party to make it easier for asylum seekers to meet the test for LGBTIQ …