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two very annoying asians balley venue froth on brunswick

Valley venue goes viral for ‘Two very annoying Asians’ slur

A Fortitude Valley venue went viral for all the wrong reasons yesterday following a social media post from a co-owner. Shay Hayston, from Froth on Brunswick in Fortitude Valley’s California Lane, earlier posted a cafe docket titled ‘Two very annoying Asians’. He also added a caption to the docket. “OMG, I love my staff.” Social …

rush limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh joins people he happily spoke ill of – the dead

Right-wing American radio megastar, Rush Limbaugh, who never hesitated to speak ill of the dead, today joined them. Limbaugh made a fortune monetising conservative grievance and demonising disadvantaged minorities. His support of twice-impeached US President Donald Trump included promoting the wannabe coup leader’s unfounded assertion he won the 2020 US election. Trump, last year awarded …

racist and homophobic attack

Brisbane man’s racist and homophobic attack on neighbour

Wellington Point man Lee Douglas Summers plead guilty in the Cleveland Magistrates Court today over a racist and homophobic attack on his neighbour. Earlier this week, Summers bashed a chair against the man’s front door and threatened to kill him. The Courier-Mail reports the incident occurred when Summers arrived home intoxicated Monday night. He approached …

Joe arpaio partial to dogs America's Toughest Sheriff furry convention

Joe Arpaio welcomes furries: ‘I’m kind of partial to dogs’

Joe Arpaio previously billed himself as ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’. He recently accepted a paid gig recording a message welcoming the Arizona Furry Convention without knowing what furries actually are. “I’m kind of partial to dogs,” said the racist, homophobic, xenophobic all-round nasty old man. “Good luck organizing the Arizona furry convention, which is for animal …

Lady Cilento Children's Hospital cilento was no lady

Homophobic And Racist, Lady Phyllis Cilento Was No Lady

Recently, QNews Magazine revealed something of the character of Phyllis Cilento after whom the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital is named. The Queensland Government are currently conducting a poll seeking feedback on whether to change that name. Social media discussion shows both those for and against the change agree on one thing. They all laud Phyllis …


Watchdog Clears Summer Lamb Ad Campaign Of Homophobia

The Ad Standards panel has cleared Meat & Livestock Australia’s Summer Lamb campaign of being either racist or homophobic. MLA’s campaign, Lamb Side Story, which turned the wars between Australia’s left and right factions into a satirical West Side Story-style musical, was labelled in a complaint as “offensive”, “outdated”, “racist” and “homophobic”. The ad includes …