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Here to F*ck Spiders podcast hosts Hannah and Alysha engaged in conversation about sex ed

Queer podcasters want to give you the sex ed lessons you wish you had

Listen to the story behind the podcast [sonaar_audioplayer playlist_type=”predefined” albums=”102167″ artwork=”” artwork_id=”102180″ player_layout=”skin_boxed_tracklist” hide_progressbar=”default” display_control_artwork=”false” hide_artwork=”false” show_playlist=”false” show_track_market=”false” show_album_market=”false” hide_timeline=”false”][/sonaar_audioplayer]   ANDREW: Sex ed was never sexy. My Dad gave me ‘the talk’ about sexual health at 13 and left me with a book to fill in the gaps. It had hand-drawn illustrations and closed …

Adelaide qwire gay choir

Adelaide Qwire fosters friendship between queer youth and elders

If you’re in the city on a Tuesday night and hear a rousing rendition of an Elton John classic- it’s probably the Adelaide Qwire.  The Qwire has been a welcoming space for Adelaide’s queer community since 1996, and this year may be the biggest yet.  Musical director Jamie Moffatt has been part of the Qwire …

BUFTA Queer Love video

Gold Coast teen’s queer love video eyes top BUFTA film prize

Gold Coast teen Emily Ross is in line for the top BUFTA film prize this year.  Her queer love video Contracts in Candlelight is one of the top 3 finalists for this year’s music video prize.  Her school is also dominating the nominations. All three finalist positions for the music video category have also been …

QNews Apple IOS App and Android App

The QNews App: easy mobile access to the news you want

QNews proudly announces the launch of our newest media platform — the QNews App for Android and Apple IOS   QNews publisher Richard Bakker said the migration to mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites was a long-established trend. “Over the last few years, smartphones and tablets revolutionised the way readers access news. As we go to …

kira puru pride fair day

Kira Puru coming to Brissie for Pride Fair Day

Kira Puru is “the party queen we don’t deserve, but most certainly need,” according to THE MUSIC. And Saturday week we get to experience one of her famously dynamic live performances at Brisbane Pride Fair Day in New Farm Park. Scroll down for vid Kira will headline Pride Fair Day along with Samantha Jade. There …

queer eye fab five netflix

Queer Eye: Fab Five back 4 more

‘Queer Eye’ returned this week for a fourth go-around, even with the tears barely settled on all the makeover wins we experienced throughout the third season. Ah yes, guaranteed sob stories, but in the best possible way for us Netflix bingers. The formula is once again in check – why fix something that isn’t broken? …