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lady phyllis cilento

Saint Phyllis Cilento loses her halo and everyone looks away

In 2018 medical staff at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital signed a petition calling for the removal of Phyllis Cilento’s name from the institution. However, when the government attempted to make the change it ran into fierce opposition. As a prolific author, Dr Cilento spent many decades promoting her legend. Such was her success that …

Steven Miles

Queensland Government Flags Ban On ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy

Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles has said Queensland could become the second state in Australia to ban so-called “gay conversion” therapy. The dangerous and discredited practice was thrown into the spotlight two weeks ago after a Victorian branch of the Liberal party put forward a motion for the party’s upcoming state conference that called for …

super gonorrhoea

Case Of Drug-Resistant ‘Super Gonorrhoea’ Detected In Queensland

Two cases of multi-drug-resistant “super gonorrhoea” have been detected in Australia for the first time – one in Queensland and another in Western Australia. A Queensland Health spokesperson confirmed two cases of gonorrhoea resistant to multiple antibiotics had been detected in the past month. Evidence suggests that one of the Australians acquired their infection in …