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Queensland Health Minister Shannon Fentiman and placard at rally with HIV message U=U, which means undetectable equals untransmissible, HIV care is now free for all

Queenslanders with HIV can now access medication for free

All Queenslanders living with HIV can now access their HIV medication for free, with Queensland Health now waiving co-payments for antiretroviral therapy. HIV antiretroviral medication works to stop the virus from replicating in the body and protects the immune system. The medication not only allows those with HIV to live long and healthy lives, but …

lady phyllis cilento

Saint Phyllis Cilento loses her halo and everyone looks away

In 2018 medical staff at the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital signed a petition calling for the removal of Phyllis Cilento’s name from the institution. However, when the government attempted to make the change it ran into fierce opposition. As a prolific author, Dr Cilento spent many decades promoting her legend. Such was her success that …

super gonorrhoea

Case Of Drug-Resistant ‘Super Gonorrhoea’ Detected In Queensland

Two cases of multi-drug-resistant “super gonorrhoea” have been detected in Australia for the first time – one in Queensland and another in Western Australia. A Queensland Health spokesperson confirmed two cases of gonorrhoea resistant to multiple antibiotics had been detected in the past month. Evidence suggests that one of the Australians acquired their infection in …