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Panama Al Brown december 13

On this day December 13: boxing champion Panama Al Brown

On December 13 1922, Alfonso Teofilo Brown won the Panamanian flyweight boxing title, setting himself up for an international fighting career. Panama Al Brown was a kind and generous man, intelligent, multi-talented and a champion boxer, but also black and unapologetically gay.  Following his 1922 win, Al Brown stowed away on a fruit ship. He …

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Indigenous drag queens Miss First Nation 2018

Indigenous Drag Performer Lasey Dunaman Crowned Miss First Nation 2018

Indigenous drag performer Lasey Dunaman has won the coveted title of Miss First Nation 2018 at a pageant dubbed the “Olympics for Aboriginal drag queens.” The drag competition, which ran all last week at the Imperial Hotel in Sydney, invites Indigenous drag performers from all over the country to showcase their talents. Lasey (pictured, centre) …