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QNews Apple IOS App and Android App

The QNews App: easy mobile access to the news you want

QNews proudly announces the launch of our newest media platform — the QNews App for Android and Apple IOS   QNews publisher Richard Bakker said the migration to mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites was a long-established trend. “Over the last few years, smartphones and tablets revolutionised the way readers access news. As we go to …

covid-19 QNews and QNews Magazine

QNews and QN Magazine: onward into the unknown and QNews Magazine will continue to work to keep our communities in touch during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the ever-evolving nature of the crisis, it remains essential that the LGBTIQ  communities retain access to information specific to their concerns. QNews currently emails a free weekly newsletter to subscribers. From next week, that will include …

QN Magazine QNews

QN Magazine: a new way to read your LGBTIQ news

From Thursday, QNews presents another way to grab your fortnightly LGBTIQ QN Magazine. Currently we distribute the latest print edition every second Friday morning with the Digital QN Magazine posted online at 5am that morning. However, from our next issue, hitting the streets this Friday 7th June, there’s a third way to read the magazine …