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Lavern Spicer pictured next to tweet about pronouns

Jesus Christ does not have pronouns according to GOP candidate Lavern Spicer

Floridian Republican Lavern Spicer took to Twitter this week with an urgent message. “Do not ever refer to my Lord Jesus Christ with pronouns”. Naturally, the message sent Twitter into a frenzy, with users pointing out the confusing and ironic implications of Spicer’s plea. We’re canceling pronouns now? What’s next, adjectives? — ️‍⚧️ (@ImGwendyToo) December …

tim smith

Why doesn’t disgraced drunk driver Tim Smith just STFU

Disgraced Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith doesn’t seem to understand that some people should lie low for a while. That would include drunk drivers who crash their cars into other people’s houses. Tim Smith crashed his Jaguar outside a child’s bedroom last year while more than twice the legal blood-alcohol limit. The MP resigned from …

Leilani Tafao transgender women inmates

Govt appeals ruling on pronouns for transgender women inmates

The Queensland government and prison operator Serco will appeal a ruling by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCATA) that prison staff must refer to transgender women inmates by female pronouns. The tribunal found that Serco and a prison director discriminated against inmate Leilani Tafao. Tafao brought an action for compensation because of guards referring …

correct name and pronouns

Let Queensland police know your correct name and pronouns

The Queensland Police Service (QPS) recently launched an online Change of Personal Details Notification Form. The form allows members of the public to ensure the use of their correct name and pronouns in interactions with the police. Trans, gender diverse and also non-binary members of the community can update their name and gender information within …

Gender-Neutral Pronouns

Aunt, 73, Pens Poignant Poem On Use Of Gender-Neutral Pronouns

A 73-year-old woman’s poignant poem about using gender-neutral pronouns has gone viral on Twitter. The poem, fittingly titled “They”, was written by the elderly aunt of Theo Nicole Lorenz (pictured), a non-binary writer and artist from Minnesota. “My 73-year-old aunt wrote a poem about my pronouns in her church writing group and it’s the sweetest …