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Rainbow Beach with the famous Coloured Sands

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1800forked miles heffernan worker advocate ir claims job keeper

Miles Heffernan was just 15-years-old when he took on his first wage theft case, and won… and it was all over a pair of pants! Years later, Miles is a professional worker advocate. Related: Discrimination Claims wins $12,500 payout for a very expensive doodle. Like many young people, Miles’ first job was a burger flipper …

Active Pride speedos

Active Pride is an LGBTIQ clothing company on a mission — to motivate and inspire individuals to regularly exercise, live a healthy lifestyle, and of course, help give them the confidence to be whoever they want to be and greater than any challenge they face. Matt and Mitch from Active Pride are brothers, one gay …

Expensive Doodle discrimination claims

A Queensland company paid out $12,500 for what ended up a very expensive doodle after Discrimination Claims took on the case of a young painter. “Some people think that only women experience sexual harassment,” Miles Heffernan from Discrimination Claims told QN Magazine. “However, men are also targeted. Often though, they are reluctant to speak up …

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