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grindr hookup sex in the city vatican city

A Sunday homily: Grindr hookups – Sex in the (Vatican) City

All hell has broken loose after a conservative Catholic blog published revelations of Sex in the City – the Vatican City. The Pillar claimed it obtained information about Vatican City and other priestly hookups from ‘publicly available data’. The data breach has led to the resignation of one high profile American Catholic priest whose phone …

Catholic Priest italian gay escort

Gay Italian Escort outs 40 gay priests to expose hypocrisy

A gay Italian escort reportedly compiled a 1200-page dossier outing 40 Catholic priests as ‘actively gay’. He said he wanted to expose their religious hypocrisy. An Italian newspaper quoted the gay Italian escort, naming him only as ‘Mangiacapra’. He reportedly told Catania Today, as translated by the Daily Mail, that he wants the priests to …

gay orgy priest's apartment

Vatican Police raid Gay Orgy at priest’s apartment

Vatican police last month arrested a priest after they broke up a gay orgy in the priest’s apartment, according to an Italian media report. Italian-language newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano made the sensational claims about the gay orgy in the priest’s apartment. The paper claimed the apartment belonged to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the …

Priest Allegedly Sent Sexual Photos To The Pool boy WEB

Priest busted: allegedly sent sexy pics to pool boy

A Californian church suspended a Catholic priest after he allegedly sent sexually explicit text messages to a pool boy. Attorney Vince Finaldi told local TV station FOX40 that his client, a parishioner with the Church of the Presentation in Stockton, California, claims McGovern sent him sexually explicit pictures. Finaldi described his client as married and …