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Brisbane Pride Flag

Historic Brisbane Pride flag is missing. Have you seen it?

A historic piece of Brisbane Pride memorabilia has gone missing. After this year’s Pride Fair Day the Pride flag has vanished from the Fair Day site. The Brisbane Pride committee is asking for your help. Have you seen the Brisbane Pride flag? Each year the flag is a significant part of the Brisbane Pride March. …

rainbow flag letter from lgbtq young person paris arkansas

Mum gets moving note from young neighbour about her pride flag

A mum in the US has shared a moving anonymous letter she received from a young neighbour who noticed the rainbow pride flag flying on her home. She lives in Paris, a city in Arkansas, population about 3,500. Last weekend her son Levi posted the note to his social media that’s signed a “young LGBTQ+ …

rainbow flag pride flag homeowners association

Resident banned from flying pride flag at home finds amazing loophole

A Reddit user who was banned from flying a rainbow pride flag on their front porch has found a genius loophole. In the United States, real estate developers can form what are called “homeowner associations” to manage and sell homes and lots in a residential subdivision. After the lots are sold, the developers typically pass …