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An Expensive Doodle Costs Company $12,500

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two very annoying asians balley venue froth on brunswick

A Fortitude Valley venue went viral for all the wrong reasons yesterday following a social media post from a co-owner. Shay Hayston, from Froth on Brunswick in Fortitude Valley’s California Lane, earlier posted a cafe docket titled ‘Two very annoying Asians’. He also added a caption to the docket. “OMG, I love my staff.” Social …

JK Rowling

Harry Potter author JK Rowling yesterday again displayed rampant transphobia in a tweet. After not tweeting since September, the author yesterday returned to the platform in support of a researcher who lost a contract over transphobic posts. The Centre for Global Development failed to renew the contract of Maya Forstater in 2018 after she tweeted, …

Expensive Doodle discrimination claims

A Queensland company paid out $12,500 for what ended up a very expensive doodle after Discrimination Claims took on the case of a young painter. “Some people think that only women experience sexual harassment,” Miles Heffernan from Discrimination Claims told QN Magazine. “However, men are also targeted. Often though, they are reluctant to speak up …