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Recently there has been talk of changing the laws on poppers, rescheduling them as a serious illicit drug and criminalizing their possession. But banning them would criminalise the normal sexual practice of many thousands of gay men. Thankfully, a public outcry has prompted a reconsideration. So, what’s all the fuss about? Poppers are a group …

TGA poppers

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has delayed its decision on whether or not to ban alkyl nitrites – a group of substances including the main ingredients in sex aid “poppers” – until early 2019. In September, the TGA published its plans to move the alkyl nitrites to Schedule 9 of the Poisons Standard, reclassifying them …

TGA poppers

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has not properly weighed the risks and benefits of a blanket ban on alkyl nitrites, the main ingredient in sex aid “poppers”, a group of queer health advocates has said. Poppers are used by gay and bisexual men and others to dilate the user’s blood vessels and relax muscles, helping receptive …

TGA poppers

Experts from the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) and the National LGBTI Health Alliance have slammed the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s proposal to ban poppers by placing them in the same category as heroin in Australia. Poppers are an inhalant used recreationally by some in the gay community, giving users a brief head rush while …

TGA popper ban

The Therapeutic Goods Administration is planning to ban amyl nitrite products – also known as poppers – with the same drug class as heroin and marijuana but proponents of the sex drug say it will drive a rise in riskier alternatives. The TGA has announced it plans to ban alkyl nitrites – including amyl nitrite …