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Sexual Pleasure a ‘gift from God’ according to celibate Pope

Sexual pleasure is “a gift from God” says Pope Francis, who, if he has stayed true to his vows, knows nothing about such things. They’re funny chaps, priests. They swear off sex but then profess to be qualified to tell the rest of us when, where, how and why we should indulge. Anyway, Francis is …

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Pope approves same-sex blessings, but there’s a catch

Pope Francis has allowed Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples, as long as the blessings don’t have anything to do with marriage and are separate from regular church rituals. The leader of the Roman Catholic Church put out the ruling that states priests are able to bless same-sex and other so-called “irregular” couples, under certain …

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Did Francis wear Rainbow Pride Cross?

X, the Temple of Musk formerly home to a little blue bird, lit up over recent days with rumour of the Catholic Pope Francis wearing a pride rainbow cross in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. While achieving little of substance for LGBTQIA+ people, Francis has said nice things about them occasionally. He cheers the eternally …

pope francis online pornography homosexuality not a crime

Pope admits nuns watch porn but warns it allows ‘devil to enter you’

Pope Francis has spoken at length about online porn, admitting priests and nuns watch it but should stop because “the devil gets in that way”. The 86-year-old was answering questions from priests and seminarians studying in Rome, according to an official Vatican transcript. He covered a range of topics, before he was asked about how …

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Pope Francis declares support for same-sex civil unions

Pope Francis declared support for same-sex civil unions in a documentary released earlier today. He made the remarks during the discussion of various social issues in the film Francesco, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival. “Homosexual people have a right to be in a family. They’re children of God and have a right to …

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‘No Double Life’: Pope Francis Says Actively Gay Priests And Nuns Should Quit

Gay people should not be admitted to the Catholic clergy and priests who are gay must be “impeccably responsible” or leave, Pope Francis has said. Francis says in a new book The Strength of Vocation, to be published in several languages this week, that homosexuality in the Church “is something that I am concerned about,” …