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Index Adelaide Zine

Adelaide creative hub fostering city’s zine culture

Queer, POC-owned space Index is hoping to elevate Adelaide’s arts community and foster zine culture. Launched by Adelaide creatives Milo and Chira in 2020, Index was designed to alleviate the struggles facing artists during the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally run through pop-up events, Index has since grown to a physical space after partnering with TwentySeven- a retail …

Lil Nas X pissed off

Lil Nas X pissed off – literally pissed off over BET Awards

There’s no mistaking that Lil Nas X is pissed off about his lack of nominations for the upcoming BET Awards. Literally, pissed off. After receiving no nominations for the upcoming BET Awards, he posted a pic of his 2020 BET trophy in a toilet, with a stream of urine aimed at it. The ‘Old Town …

swearing Ryan Frank

Viral TikTok about Aussie swearing. How f#@%ing bad are you?

British expat Ryan Frank went viral yesterday with a TikTok vid about Aussie swearing. He expressed surprise at our casual use of profanity. So how bad are we and where do queer Aussies rank? Scroll down for the TikTok vid. Ryan Frank posts wry TikToks about the cultural differences he’s noticed in his time in …

nina hagen angela merkel this is the news

And this is the news: Angela Merkel departs to Nina Hagen

‘This is again radio Yerevan with our news’. Following 16 years in the role, German Chancellor Angela Merkel departed to a soundtrack including a tune by Godmother of Punk, the legendary Nina Hagen.  Nina Hagen grew up in East Germany. Her first English language album NunSexMonkRock rocketed her into the pantheon of 80s punk stars. …

tom holland spider-man

Spider-Man actor says he’s okay if character gay

Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland showed the world his acrobatic versatility during a Lip Sync Battle a couple of years ago. After starting off with a classic interpretation of Gene Kelly’s ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, Tom shucked off his suit and transformed for an outrageous rendition of Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’. During his Rihanna tribute, Tom made good …