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Radio Husbands: Tony Tranter and Jasper Manfield from Bay FM

Tony Tranter and Jasper Manfield are Bay FM 100.3’s Radio Husbands. Every Sunday night and one Monday a month they glitter bomb the airwaves with content designed to both entertain and stimulate. Bay FM 100.3 is a community radio station servicing Brisbane Bayside and Redland City. The Radio Husbands comprise Tony, a pop-culture enthusiast and …


REVIEW: Local LGBTIQ History Explored In Wendybird’s ‘Trailblazers’ Podcast

Listening to TrailBlazers, the brand-new podcast from Brisbane-based social enterprise group Wendybird, I cried. Open, unashamed tears. As with podcasts Queer as Fact and History is Queer, TrailBlazers explores our community’s past, but with a crucial difference – the past is local, and told through the lens of memory from those who not only lived …

Gay older couple

REVIEW: ‘An Older Gay Guy Show’ Is A Queer Podcast For All Ages

In my hunt for queer-themed podcasts for review, I come across many variations on a theme; either the white gay guy duo/trio/group discussing contemporary experience (sex and pop culture feat. a lot of giggling), or various genders and sexual identities seriously discussing intersectionality, feminism, and queer struggle. Individual personalities and friendship dynamics are present, but …

Historical photo of US gay activist Harvey Milk

REVIEW: Give Yourself A Queer History Lesson With Podcast ‘Queer As Fact’

As with any marginalised people, the dominating conversation on queer identity and rights is often the challenges faced from systemic oppression. While we must continue to identify and fight discrimination, there seems a generation of queer people without knowledge of the struggles of those whose existence has made our many liberties possible. These aren’t histories …

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REVIEW: Home-Grown ‘Queerstories’ Is Your New Podcast Obssession

The Queerstories podcast is a breath of fresh air in the saturated Australian market of podcast variety. Like its namesake – ABC’s Australian Story – Queerstories provides a platform for voices often unheard to express their life experiences. In doing so, the definition and diversity of community in LGBTIQ terms is explored (or Quiltbag as …