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Scott Morrison religious freedom gay student Anti-Discrimination Laws

A survivor of harmful “gay conversion” therapy has criticised Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to a petition calling for a ban on the practice. A coalition of survivors, LGBTIQ advocates and churches have urged the Morrison government to address the issue ahead of the next election. But Morrison said on Monday that it “was not …

prison drama Wentworth

Fans of Australian drama series Wentworth have mobilised after persistent speculation the show has been cancelled. Season seven of the prison series will wrap up production in Melbourne on July 27, and screen next year. It was filmed back-to-back with season six, which premiered on Foxtel on June 19. But Foxtel has admitted there are …

Greg Hunt Gay Conversion

A survivor of “gay conversion” therapy has called on federal Health Minister Greg Hunt to take action to ban the dangerous practice in Australia. In a combative interview with ABC Radio this week, Hunt said he didn’t support gay conversion therapy but drew criticism for expressing concern over the “constant view that nobody, anywhere, is …

man sunset

An Australian survivor of so-called “gay conversion” therapy has launched a petition calling on the government to outlaw the discredited and dangerous practice. Petitioner Chris wrote on that the process was very damaging to his mental health, and others have been similarly affected. “Trying to ‘pray the gay away’ nearly killed me. I’m not …