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LGBTIQ Rights Activist Arrested For Protest In Russia As World Cup Begins

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Veteran UK gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell against a rainbow background

Prime Minister Theresa May has lifted a 10 Downing Street ban on veteran LGBT activist Peter Tatchell. Since the creation of Downing Street LGBT Pride receptions a decade ago, Tatchell was banned from attending by three prime ministers – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron. “Despite my 51 years of campaigning, and my role …

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Countries with anti-LGBTIQ laws are sacrificing billions of dollars in potential tourism and investment, according to a new report. The Economic Cost of Homophobia report, published by advocacy group The Peter Tatchell Foundation, also argues that the countries are also sacrificing the economic power of their own LGBTIQ citizens. The global LGBTIQ travel market is …

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell LGBTIQ rights Activist arrested in Russian British LGBTIQ rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has been arrested and charged by Russian police after holding a one-man protest near the Kremlin during the FIFA World Cup. The 66-year-old attempted to hold a peaceful one-man protest to draw attention to human rights abuses reportedly committed against gay men …