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Giant Penis

Pranksters transformed bicycle artwork created on a hillside to mark the Tour of Britain into a giant penis. Residents of Ilfracombe, Devon, United Kingdom got a rude awakening when they spotted the naughty artwork on the side of Capstone Hill. The bike, made out of cardboard and reclaimed plastic, was commissioned for a local environment …

penis spider bite

The Sydney apprentice tradesman, named Jordan, told KIIS FM radio hosts Kyle & Jackie O about the second unlucky spider bite to his penis in five months. In April this year, Jordan suffered a bite on his penis from a deadly redback spider. And earlier this week Jordan called in to say it happened again, …

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Pole Vaulter penis Hiroki Ogita

28-year-old Japanese pole vaulter Hiroki Ogita saw his Olympic dreams crushed last weekend. His penis apparently caused him to foul during the all-important qualifying rounds in the men’s pole vaulting event at the Rio Olympics. With the bar set at 5.3 metres, it stayed in place despite and despite connecting with his legs… until the …

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