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thom browne chaps codpiece peek-a-boo G

Will you rock chaps & codpiece or peek-a-boo G this spring?

Paris Fashion Week never fails to delight with design from the sublime to the ridiculous and imaginative pieces intended to create a buzz. American designer Thom Browne did it for us this season. He dressed male models in low-slung pants and skirts teamed with peek-a-boo G-strings. Model and comedian Florian DesBriendas closed the show cowboyed …

chips channon nazi-loving

Sir Chips Channon: Nazi-loving arselicker to the aristocracy

Long-forgotten politician Sir Henry Chips Channon is about to enjoy a new lease on life decades after his death. Publication has begun, over three instalments, of his unexpurgated diaries. Channon’s bitchy and salacious revelations of the rarefied circles he moved in will provide immense entertainment to history buffs and royalists. Unfortunately, the avalanche of bon …

Sydney Stingers RuPaul

WATCH: Sydney Stingers Water Polo Team Get Shady In RuPaul Tribute Video

LGBTIQ-inclusive water polo team Sydney Stingers have released their own version of RuPaul’s diss track “Read U Wrote U” to slay their rivals ahead of the Gay Games later this year. In the music video posted to their Facebook page, the Stingers rework the lyrics to the original song to trash talk their competition at …