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Pam Ann

Pam Ann: ‘I’ve Been Called A Drag Queen All My Life… It’s In My DNA’

She’s the crass talking, take-no-prisoners air hostess, who has fought and air-f#$ked her way to the top of the comedy circuit. For over 20 years, air hosties have loved her and the gays have wanted to be her. She’s worked and recorded material for British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Jet Blue and American Airlines. …

Pam Ann

Pam Ann Returns To Australia With A Hilarious New Stage Show

Pam Ann – the high-flying alter-ego of Australian comedian, writer and producer Caroline Reid – has announced a new tour of Australia. In her new show Flight Attendant Star, Pam will select a group of air hostie wannabes from the audience and put them through a series of challenges to see if they have what …